122 Commits (pre-release)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Simon Cruanes 1b398555db add `Ui.void`, and interstitial padding in grid 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes f6eb3ef5d2 wip: grid layout 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 8a065b528c wip: table 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 987fc6cb52 wip: table 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes d563890d92 custom bullets for lists 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 4cf879d684 fix stress example 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 45354f25e5 fix bug in Lwd 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour a4942d9a14 fix dispatch key order 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 41ea6e4371 fix row ordering in Lwd_table :/ 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 589112cfb3 Rework release_queue API 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 454562301a POC/RFC: Introduce [release_queue] 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour e299f31590 Rework damage semantics 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 846a1e05c7 Merge branch 'c-cube-wip-misc-2020-03-11' 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 5e4750e913 example/cbor_explorer: better display of nested content 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 8bfa6f2c3f update cbor_explorer example 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 8e3d038b19 refactor(nottui): more efficient dispatch of keys (more lazy) 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 301e390494 scroll area support page{up,down} 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 471f3298bc feat: be able to lose focus 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes f14fbb25ca binding to exit is now ctrl-q 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 57c3cee786 wip 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes bd1ba94339 add `vlist_with` for a more powerful vertical list 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 9542d45861 refactor unfoldable to move the blue arrow on the summary's left 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 63639cc0ad widgets: allow `unfoldable` to be open by default, if necessary 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes d700b7afc4 add lifted boxes in widgets 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 92e1121c29 wip 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 71208c165b in `Nottui.Ui_loop`, make sharing easier by making `quit` a variable 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes d9165e1df3 feat(widgets): better behavior for `unfoldable` 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes e9a04686e0 feat(widget): make unfoldable optionnally multiline 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 9d365c65f3 add a few widgets 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes d641e4284f add infix module in Lwd 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour a864877ec2 Lwd: handled damaging during update 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 4c6541924f update quit in misc example 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes d82d516f73 doc: delicious type annotations 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes e7eb8e7055 doc: add very important clarification 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes 4abe78c371 doc: add some comments in lwd.ml{,i} 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes ca24d162b9 add basic github actions 1 year ago
  Simon Cruanes d341aa2125 add explicit dep on seq 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 17ef84fd4d tweak performance of focus management 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 78c4b3a702 widgets: add variants of printf taking continuations 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 8306dc5ad7 tweak the graph in readme 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour b3f63a5f9d default to left-most branch when there is no focus 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 1321d0180a fix Lwd_infix in examples 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 9061bea246 trace -> local_state 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 649e60172a wip readme 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour ace4e064a0 Move infix operators to a separate module Lwd_infix 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 039303027c add primitives to iterate over table rows 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 6f05c93463 finer-grained distinction between pure and impure nodes to optimize graph 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour af73521473 rename flush to release 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 86c5bbf714 less "styling" on panes :) 1 year ago
  Frédéric Bour 476018bf1e Fix Notty_lwt 1 year ago