102 Commits (fa091a3d1fb0674831dfdd35d857311c0ec08391)

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  Frédéric Bour fa091a3d1f document, complete tyxml interface 7 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 7b03af8a2d document nottui 7 months ago
  Frédéric Bour a9095faa6f updating doc 7 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 1067a65207 some Lwd_seq combinators 7 months ago
  Frédéric Bour addb56401d tyxml: unify element and element list 7 months ago
  Frédéric Bour da494a2613 lwd_seq: optimize pure case 7 months ago
  Frédéric Bour ebd0d5c446 lwd_seq 7 months ago
  Drup 58fd8c6b85 WIP tyxml lwd 8 months ago
  Frédéric Bour bfc481aa54 WIP 8 months ago
  Frédéric Bour a995047176 implement permanent sensors 10 months ago
  Frédéric Bour b4447f82f3 wip 10 months ago
  Frédéric Bour fe42d56bf5 full_sensor before/after 10 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 9eb18e2207 Full_sensor trigger only once 10 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 07823fed56 full-sensor 10 months ago
  Frédéric Bour de82afccac fix unattached doc comments 10 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 75f4072ac8 Nottui_pretty: fix for OCaml 4.05 10 months ago
  Simon Cruanes b2b8f40a8b add toggle and basic file selector 10 months ago
  Simon Cruanes 417dbd6cd6 fix: avoid unicode problems in unfoldable 10 months ago
  Simon Cruanes a24e7f421c fix: keep proper alignment in unfoldable 10 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 7d2e152839 oops, reenable caching 10 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 7faf6d86c5 Pretty: specialize integer comparison 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour ac32d8a5cf Tweak pretty example 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 6d46dfc677 Pretty example 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour e714cdde9c No need to prove that abstract types in struct are different 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour efff3a2102 Nottui_pretty 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 204a75e23c Lwd_seq: WIP perf/debug comments 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 804874c02f Seq: comment the interface 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 24a7f39cfd Typo in Lwd_seq 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 66af463b2e Seq: fix two traversal bugs 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 07d92b205b Seq: new implementation 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 7be5636017 Implement balanced seq 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 2464c9afeb Lwd_seq: major bug fix :P 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 952235670f Add Lwd_seq 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 0968c59175 Lwd: minor optimisation to prevent rare memory leaks 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 69d8670764 Lwd: Major bug fix in invalidation for nodes with lots of reverse dependencies 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour b833adcc8d Lwd: add trace debugging function 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour a890be2217 Nottui: direct access to layout information 11 months ago
  Frédéric Bour 9a6fd7ac1a Make 'a Lwd.t covariant 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes 8a3c64ba89 remove dep on fmt 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes 729ee623cf feat: always display an arrow next to unfoldable 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes acc59218a4 use underline to indicate current tab 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes cfb5405bd7 add infrastructure for qtest 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes c5ce9f7be6 fix name 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes 9009a106b0 add basic combinators 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes c5447b9570 make flex_box parametrized by a dynamic width 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes 63d821e00d add flexbox combinator 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes 8754291437 add tabs to the widgets 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes 486410f1ca pass focus to `edit_field` if needed 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes 1b398555db add `Ui.void`, and interstitial padding in grid 12 months ago
  Simon Cruanes f6eb3ef5d2 wip: grid layout 12 months ago