A lightweight reactive document library.
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dune build
dune clean
TESTS=minimal misc reranger stress pretty \
cbor/cbor_of_fs cbor/cbor_explorer
RUN_TESTS_BC=$(patsubst %, run-%, $(TESTS))
RUN_TESTS_EXE=$(patsubst %, run-%.exe, $(TESTS))
dune build examples/$@.bc
dune build $(patsubst %,examples/%.bc,$(TESTS))
dune exec examples/$(patsubst run-%,%,$@.bc)
dune exec examples/$(patsubst run-%,%,$@)
rm curdir.cbor || true
dune exec examples/cbor/cbor_of_fs.exe -- -o curdir.cbor ./
dune exec examples/cbor/cbor_explorer.exe -- curdir.cbor
.PHONY: all clean examples $(RUN_TESTS_BC) $(RUN_TESTS_EXE)